重庆华侨城滨江休闲带 低干预滨江生态公共空间


As part of Chongqing OCT’s cultural and tourist project, the OCT Riverside Recreation Zone is an ecological park project neighboring the Jialing River and closely connected to surrounding communities. With a 1,500m long riverside interface and a 40m height difference, the Zone has a distinctive feature of terraced fields, which is typical of Chongqing.

▼项目概览,General view ©三棱镜


The site belongs to the scope of the Jialing River Ecological Corridor. Before renewal, the sidewalks on the site were narrow, and the viewing platform and steps had been eroded by regular water level fluctuations. Piling sediments and rampant weeds become barriers on the roads and undermine the visitors’ experience. It fails to function as an urban recreation zone by the river.

▼湿地滩涂的良好生态,Ecological environment ©三棱镜


After renewal, the Zone not only services the communities nearby, but functions as an urban recreation zone by the river. At the same time, it connects the Lijia and Yuelai riverside zones together, and improves the recreation zones along the Jialing River. The site enjoys excellent ecological base, with the native plants being well preserved. The terraced fields form natural landscapes. The riverside wetlands ensure the water eco-recycling of nearby areas. All these elements provide favorable conditions for landscape design.

▼场地现状分析,Site analysis ©WTD纬图设计

▼总平面,Site plan ©WTD纬图设计


For a public space with extensive natural elements, the most important task is to minimize intervention. Rich natural landscapes should be presented on the basis of ecological protection. The first step is to preserve the original landform of the site, including the terraced fields and bamboo forests. Not much adjustment is made to the elevation. The designers wish to preserve the original site as complete as possible.

▼景观提升之后的滨江休闲带,The Riverside Recreation Zone after landscape improvement ©三棱镜


As the site is located in the water-level-fluctuation zone, the designers need to pay special attention to the durability of materials used and the plant type. Natural materials that require small maintenance costs and are erosion-flood resistant are used to build recreation sidewalks, roads among terraced fields and riverside runways.

▼入口以一片马鞭草吸引着人们前往,The entrance attracts people with a patch of verbena ©三棱镜

▼维护成本低、防腐耐淹的天然材料,Natural materials that require small maintenance costs and are erosion-flood resistant ©三棱镜


Plants in the water-level-fluctuation zone play an essential role to connect the water-land environment and to sustain the ecological balance. Plants that grow both on land and in water are grown among the terraced fields, with the raised path among fields functioning as the natural sidewalks. Flowers that grow both on land and in water have ornamental values on one hand, and can recover from floods easily on the other.

▼设计对植物多样性的保护与加强,Protection and enhancement of plant diversity by design ©三棱镜


The designers review the original bamboo forests and introduce aquatic plants to the wetlands, thereby protecting the habitats of wild species. Trees like metasequoia and ginkgo are planted in the open and elevated areas.

▼良好的生态得以延续,Good ecological environment is continued ©华侨城


Apart from protection and restoration, the designers need to turn the site into a public recreational space by introducing recreational functions and improving site accessibility and comfort.

▼多层次滨江路交通系统,Multi-level transportation system ©三棱镜


The entrance of the site is situated along the riverside avenue and the highest position. Based on the terrain and the plant structure, the Z-shaped bridle path that reaches the river is designed. It stretches to the Lijia and Yuelai riverside recreation zones, and becomes part of the Jialing River Ecological Corridor.

▼“之”字形骑行跑道,Z-shaped bridle path ©三棱镜


The west-faced site is an ideal choice to enjoy the river views at sunset. Along the bridle path are various viewing platforms. In the site, there are overhanding corridors, small corners at the cliff and seats under trees.

▼凌空悬挑的眺望长廊,Overhanding corridors ©三棱镜


The children’s space is designed based on the legacy of the site. In the past, the farmers once raised cows in the areas with lush vegetation. As time passes by, the land becomes uneven as the cows treaded on it. The designers keep the original landform and simulate the scene where the feeding bottle is knocked over. As the milk flows into different directions, the fun of the children’s space is thus presented.

▼儿童区域,The children’s space ©三棱镜

▼尽情玩耍的儿童,Children enjoy playing ©三棱镜


In this project, top priority is attached to site protection and restoration. With respect for the natural ecosystem, original landform and cultural legacies, interactive design that serves recreational, sports and social purposes is presented. The creative design encourages engagement, restores the vitality of the site, and becomes a public space for the nearby residents again.

▼丛林里观落日余晖,Sunset in the woods ©三棱镜

设计团队:李卉 张黎 李倩婷 郑雪 申铭敏 李玥 刘思雨 张一雷 宋照兵 姚淞骅 张书桢 董瑜 庞虹宇