文化遗产公园是由来自印第安纳州的多学科设计工作室LAA Office设计的一处全新口袋公园,项目旨在通过公共艺术的形式,激活城市公共空间,为该空间营造场所感。本项目由印第安纳大学乡村参与和服务设计中心发起,初步研究阶段由该中心出资赞助,而实施资金则来源于印第安纳州地区机遇计划(Regional Opportunity Initiatives)拨款。

Heritage Park, a new pocket park designed by LAA Office, a Columbus, Indiana-based multi-disciplinary design studio, is activated by public art and placemaking.The project stems from Indiana University’s Center for Rural Engagement and ServeDesign Center, who funded the initial study for the park and implementation funding was provided through a significant grant from Regional Opportunity Initiatives.

▼项目与周边城市肌理鸟瞰,aerial view of the project and surrounding environment ©Travis Perry

▼项目航拍顶视图,aerial top view © Travis Perry

本项目的落成为塞勒姆中心广场和约翰海中心之间创建了一条全新的线性路径,将历史博物馆园区的5英亩场地与华盛顿县历史协会认证的古建筑联系在了一起。公园包含了一幅充满活力的蓝黄色调沥青壁画,一处全新的露台花园,花园的边界由艺术家拉斐尔·布兰科(Rafael Blanco)创作的公共艺术绘画限定出来,除了将两座没有明显联系的地标性建筑联系起来之外,更重要的是,本公园以公共艺术的形式对华盛顿历史上的六位重要女性表达了致敬与纪念。

LAA Office’s design creates a new, linear path between Salem’s Central Square and the John Hay Center, a 5-acre campus with a historical museum and period buildings owned and operated by the Washington County Historical Society. Heritage Park links these two landmarks that previously had no significant connection with an asphalt mural in vibrant shades of blue and yellow, and a new deck and garden framed by a public artwork by the artist Rafel Blanco, honoring significant women in Washington County’s history.

▼项目概览,General view © Tony Vasquez

设计旨在鼓励行人们去发现城市的新部分,并在沿途了解来自塞勒姆的先锋女性。公园的设计延续了LAA Office事务所一贯的设计理念,通过公共艺术与活动场所来修复城市肌理。于近期落成的此类项目还包括印第安纳州哥伦布市的第六街艺术小巷。

The design encourages pedestrians to discover new parts of the city and to learn about pioneering women from Salem along the way. Heritage Park continues LAA Office’s interest in repairing urban fabric through public art and placemaking initiatives. Recently completed past projects of this type include their 6th Street Arts Alley project in Columbus, Indiana.

▼项目包括一幅充满活力的蓝黄色调沥青壁画,以及一处全新的露台花园,The project includes a vibrant blue-and-yellow asphalt mural and a new terraced garden © Tony Vasquez

位于社区中心和市政厅对面的传统公园如今变身成一处引人注目的艺术空间。LAA Office用“城市拼布被谷仓艺术”一词来定义他们在塞勒姆遗产公园的设计概念,通过将城市空间与艺术景观相结合来创造出一处宛如博物感般的户外活动场所或艺术走廊。“从概念上讲,我们认为该项目展现出一种在城镇的城市肌理中创造线性连接的理想方式。设计灵感受到‘拼布被谷仓’这一地域民间艺术传统的影响,‘拼布被谷仓’是一种典型的由当地居民自发形成乡村现象。而我们希望将这种独特的美学语言和组织框架引入城市环境中,我们坚信这种艺术形式会与塞勒姆的市民产生共鸣。”LAA Office联合创始人Daniel Luis Martinez解释道。

Situated at the heart of the neighborhood and across from City Hall, Heritage Park is designed as both a space for gathering and viewing art. LAA Office uses the term “Barn Quilt Urbanism”’ to define their conceptual approach in Salem, which unites the landscape into an outdoor museum or art trail. “Conceptually, we imagined the project as a way of creating a linear stitch in the town’s urban fabric. We were influenced by the regional folk art tradition of barn quilting,” says LAA Office Co-founder Daniel Luis Martinez . “Barn quilts are a rural phenomenon produced by the stewards of the land upon which they appear. We wanted to adopt the aesthetic language and organizational framework of barn quilts in an urban setting because we knew it would resonate with the citizens of Salem.”

▼拼缝艺术路径,“Barn Quilt Urbanism” art path © Tony Vasquez

设计的第一步是将停车场转化为公共空间,并将空间中包括垂直的墙面与水平地面的所有平面纳入设计范围之中。通过这种方式,LAA Office得以在城市中创造出三维艺术体验。公园中的其中一项艺术创作是一条步行路径,实际上这条路径起到了引导人们前往口袋公园和小镇文化景点的效果,为人们提供了一种赏心悦目的寻路方式。垂直界面上,拉斐尔·布兰科(Rafael Blanco)的壁画描绘了六名来自华盛顿县的先锋女性,同时也成为了口袋公园的视觉焦点。此外,公园中还规划有一处正对市政厅的露台花园,行人们可以沿着艺术小径登上露台,露台周围设置了一系列粉末涂层铝花盆,里面种满了常年开花的绿色植被。在这里,花园元素、桌子和座位等公共设置与公共艺术作品完美相融。

LAA Office began by converting parking spaces into public space and occupying various planes within the context: vertical (walls) and horizontal (ground). In doing so, the office creates a three-dimensional experience of art within the city. One artwork is a pedestrian path that, in effect, becomes a form of wayfinding leading people to the pocket park and cultural attractions in the town. Rafael Blanco’s mural featuring six pioneering women with roots to Washington County acts as a visual focal point to be viewed from the new pocket park. The emerging studio also designed an elevated deck across from Salem’s City Hall that is accessible from the new pedestrian path and surrounded by a perennial garden set within powder-coated, aluminum planters. The public artworks are then coupled with public amenities, like garden elements, tables and seating.

▼城市空间三维艺术体验,three-dimensional experience of art within the city © Tony Vasquez

▼艺术路径起到了引导人们前往口袋公园的作用,The art path serves as a guide to the pocket park © Tony Vasquez

LAA Office的联合创始人Lulu Loquidis说:“在多方的合作下,我们最终挑选出了一系列既有趣又富有现代设计风格的城市家具,将公园打造成了一个广受好评的聚会空间。据反馈,人们对塞勒姆最大的不满是当地缺乏公共座位,也没有供人们在户外与朋友共进午餐或喝咖啡的地方。因此,我们希望在公共艺术品的背景下回应人们的需求。”

Says LAA Office Co-founder Lulu Loquidis , “We worked with the stakeholders to select fun, contemporary furnishings that would make the park a popular gathering space. One of the biggest comments from stakeholders on our team was Salem’s lack of public seating and places where folks might meet a friend for lunch or a coffee outdoors. We wanted to provide that for them within the context of new public artworks.”

▼露台为人们提供了公共休闲场所,The terrace provides a public place for people to relax © Tony Vasquez

▼露台花园夜景,Night view of terrace garden ©Tony Vasquez

公园地面的拼花图案由社区成员、印第安纳大学(马丁内斯教授所在的大学)学生,以及LAA Office事务所共同绘制完成。志愿者和学生们一起,互相学习,共同了解与塞勒姆有关的坚强女性榜样的故事。拉斐尔·布兰科(Rafael Blanco)的壁画表彰的六位女性包括:萨拉·帕克·莫里森(Sarah Parke Morrison),印第安纳大学的首位女毕业生,随后成为该校的首位女教师;艾玛·克里斯蒂·贝克(Emma Christy Baker),印第安纳波利斯警察局第一位黑人女警官;卢拉·“Desse”·鲁德尔(Lula ” Desse ” Rudder),印第安纳州第一位持证女药剂师;泰瑞·霍尔(Terry Hall),一位非常成功的ncaa女子篮球教练;玛丽·里德·卢斯克(Mary Reid Lusk)博士,白手起家的社区医生,该地区地铁运营的参与者;布拉迪·施勒姆(Bradie Shrum),一位热心的儿童教育家,在当地一所小学教书60多年,为了纪念她该小学以她的名字命名。

Implementation of the barn quilt pattern on the ground in Salem was completed by LAA Office with the help of community members and students from Indiana University (where Martinez teaches). Volunteers mingled with students , each learning from one another and about the stories of strong, female role models with ties to Salem. The six women honored by Rafael Blanco’s mural include Sarah Parke Morrison, who was the first female graduate of Indiana University and subsequently their first female faculty member. The mural also features Emma Christy Baker (first black, female police officer of the Indianapolis Police Department), Lula “Desse” Rudder (first licensed female pharmacist in Indiana), Terry Hall (a highly successful N.C.A.A. women’s basketball coach), Dr. Mary Reid Lusk (a self-made neighborhood doctor and participant in the region’s underground railroad operations), and Bradie Shrum (a dedicated child educator and namesake of the local elementary school where she taught for 60+ years).

▼壁画表彰了六位当地先锋女性,The mural honors six pioneering local women © Tony Vasquez

▼公园地面的拼花图案由社区成员、大学生以及设计团队共同绘制,the project is completed by community members, college students and the design team © Tony Vasquez


Say Loquidis and Martinez, “We see stitching as a way of mending urban voids and bringing elements once separated by that void together. Using this framework, we also realized that the stitch itself has the capacity to become a pathway or trajectory, since it constitutes a new physical element within the urban fabric.”

▼总平面图,master plan © LAA Office

▼平面图,plan © LAA Office

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