广州唐宁书店四海城店 时光长廊连通趣味幻境


The project is a bookstore that occupies a pivotal position within Si Hai Cheng Plaza, Panyu District, Guangzhou. Connected to a sunken square at the front and backed by apartment buildings, it enjoys a tranquil environment in a lively neighborhood. In the post-pandemic era, its community-based location has a huge advantage.

▼书店外观,external view of the book store ©肖恩


The original building was the supporting facility of a terrace racecourse. It was a two-storey structure which spanned more than 40 meters. The interior space had a low ceiling and irregular structures, making it difficult to serve commercial purposes. For this reason, Leaping Creative team worked out a series of strategies to improve the spatial pattern.

▼入口处的装饰墙面,decoration wall at the entrance ©肖恩

Remove floor slabs, adjust the position of staircase, and create comfortable reading experiences via an open space


The lowest beam of the original building was only 2.3 meters high, which caused an oppressive feeling and were not conducive for customers to stay long in the space. To conceive a bookstore, the low ceiling was the first problem that needed solving. The design team chose to remove a few floor slabs, to obtain a hollow double-height space and insert a small terraced theater into it.

▼建筑原状,original condition of the building ©立品设计


The theater area faces a glass curtain wall, which makes the cramped space appear more open and expansive. Moreover, the glass strengthens the interaction between interior and outside, and allows customers to enjoy reading while at the same time feeling the changes of light throughout the day.

▼改造后立面,阶梯剧场面向玻璃幕墙,elevation after renovation, theater facing the glass facade ©肖恩

▼阶梯剧场,theater ©肖恩


Exposed concrete columns were preserved to support the new space. Neither being concealed nor accentuated, they set the tone for the plain and natural textures of the space.

▼保留原有的水泥裸柱,original exposed concrete column is remained ©肖恩


The theater area carries the socializing attribute of the bookstore. As night falls, a series of public activities such as cultural salons, talk shows and film screenings are hosted here, which offers diversified and valuable cultural experiences to residents in the neighborhood. The expansive space breaks down the barrier between speakers and audience, turning it into a venue for close encounters with knowledge.

▼小剧场建立文化交流空间,theater creating space for cultural exchange ©肖恩

▼阶梯剧场旁的书架,book shelves beside the theater ©肖恩


A new staircase was built next to the theater area, which are parallel yet not interfere with each other. The width of stairs was increased, in order to create a comfortable scale and pleasant walking experiences for customers. The elegant color palette and low-profile lighting generate a calming, peaceful atmosphere for readers, and also function as a hint of mentality shift.

▼小剧场旁的楼梯,staircase beside the theater ©肖恩

▼楼梯间,staircase ©肖恩

Connect children’s book area and adult area via the time tunnel, and incorporate immersive art installations into it to create fun, surreal scenes

▼分解轴测图,exploded axonometric ©立品设计


After structural transformation, a long narrow passage was formed behind the stepped theater, with children’s area and lifestyle book area at its two ends. The passage can attract kids to pass through, and prevent them from running around and affecting activities at the theater area. By incorporating immersive art installations, the designers subtly turn this “tricky space” into a striking “time tunnel”. It presents playful lighting effects and dreamy scenes to both parents and kids, hence becoming a bonus area within the space.

passage connecting the children’s area and the lifestyle book area ©肖恩


Images on two sides of the passage are presented on lenticular sheets, which show different stories as people walking towards distinct directions. Passing from Children’s area to adult area, they can see a child flying a paper plane and dreaming of becoming an astronaut as growing up; while moving to the opposite side, the story is about past memories and a dream about returning to childhood. The metaphor of “time tunnel” may also be included in books, through which kids start the journey of exploring the world whilst adults reflect on the past and try to find the original intention.

▼隧道内的图案,illustrations in the passage ©肖恩

Diverse reading areas cater for different states of reading


The lifestyle book area near the bookstore entrance displays magazines, best-selling books and lifestyle products. It provides those who’ve just entered the store with book options that are most relevant to daily life.

▼生活方式书籍区,lifestyle book area ©肖恩

▼收银台,cashier ©肖恩

▼透过条窗可以看到室外,view to the outside space through the narrow openings ©肖恩

different floorings define product area and book area ©肖恩

▼展架细部,details of the display podium ©肖恩


Small furniture in children’s area can be flexibly combined, which enables kids to give full play to their imagination. Books and seats are within easy reach, hence encouraging them to be spontaneously immersed in reading.

▼可变家具,flexible furniture ©立品设计

▼儿童区,children’s area ©肖恩

▼可变家具形成丰富的阅读空间,flexible furniture creating various reading spaces ©肖恩


Art book area on 2F provides an open view and a tranquil environment for sitting down to enjoy reading. As sunlight penetrates window grilles and cast onto bookshelves, the interweaving lines enhance the playfulness and sense of layering of the space.

▼二楼艺术书籍区,art book area on the second floor ©肖恩


This area combines bookshelves and stands, which allow readers to freely wander around and explore the space. They can either hide between lofty bookshelves and meditate, or walk to the open area to communicate with others.

▼面向格栅的安静阅读区,quiet reading area facing the grills ©肖恩

Art toys, tea drinks and bar help reach more people beyond the neighborhood and extend the service time


In the social media age, more and more bookstores have become backdrops for taking photos and sharing on the internet. As a community-oriented bookstore, Tangning Books aims to provide a space that is adaptable to various reader groups and reading scenes.  Apart from book areas, the bookstore also brings in art toys and tea drinks, to enrich and continuously renew its operations. In this way, it not only satisfies the demands of young residents in the community, but also provides more new lifestyle options for a wider spectrum of consumers in the city.

▼茶饮区,tea area ©肖恩


▼一层平面图,first floor plan ©立品设计

▼二层平面图,second floor plan ©立品设计

项目名称:日夜流转中的都市文化灯塔 | 唐宁书店四海城店
设计总监:郑铮 Zen
项目经理:罗天蔚 Tina
摄影版权: 肖恩