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"Fu's" has long been famous in the high-end tonic circle. Its "Ancient Elephant City in the Gulf" is based on the big health industry. This time they are stationed in Chaoshan, in the "food island" practice "medicine and food homology" and "Chinese physiotherapy" food concept. Imitating ancient book meridian technique with modern cooking skills. From the selection, cooking and setting of the tonic, it presents the ultimate taste buds and physiotherapy experience.


The theory of "medicine and food homology" originated from Li Shizhen, who believed that food and medicine are the same, and there is no absolute boundary between them. Applying the theory of "four properties and five tastes" of traditional Chinese medicine to food, "Xin, sweet, sour, bitter and salty", "cold, hot, warm and cool" can warm the viscera and enhance the function.



The designer "Lin Yan" believes that space also has the "four nature and five taste" nature and culture, chaos and order, instinct and reason organic compound. Forget the colloquial context of place, culture or tradition. [GGD Good Design] Solve the dual definition of "food and maintenance" and explore the N+ possibility of compound business form field with diversified spatial language and freehand scene construction.



The essence of fusion of food and space presents the best side of things. Push the sensitivity of the senses and the inner awareness to the most delicate boundary. When you are in it, the taste of age and childishness will fade away at this moment, and you will become quiet, peaceful and focused. In front of you, it seems that you can touch the outline and temperature of age, and feel the traces of its flow in the space.


The private room creates a relaxed and elegant garden leisure court, which focuses the attention of diners back to the table. It can be said that the comfort and ease of "the time enveloped by prosperity, the drizzle makes the leisure".


In the "Tondo" lobby dining area, Mr. Lin Yan uses metal mesh as a medium. The obscurity of the curtain creates a sense of micro-boundary, fogging the vision and poetic imagination. The EATER CAN PASS THROUGH the GAP OF the NET to understand time and space, taste food, thereby experiencing the endless romance of taste vision.


[Ancient Elephant City in the Gulf] The collection of a leisure court, Mr. Lin Yan decided to maximize the respect for the site style, design into the cinnabar ceramic bricks orderly combination, "row upon row of rich house, high wall around the ring", like a huge pleated robe, completely wrapped people, this is shielding the artificial boundary between inside and outside. Set aside a patio, light can enter, "lying at the mouth of the well looking at the sky" to think about life, enjoy comfortable.


Pacing along the ladder, by the cinnabar pottery brick wrapped, faded era impetuous, inner peace. Out of the wall of the plant, with the 24 solar terms change. It is also the turning point of "Yang" and "Yin" when the summer solstice comes. The flow of light is like the beginning of life, here to find the true self.


Everything has a crack in it. This is where the light comes in. This light becomes another warm form, the vision is wrapped in "darkness", and the feeling is in a slightly relaxed state. The glimmering light permeates the space just right, and this depth fades the established habit of vision and accepts all fatigue obediently.



Into the path, only auxiliary light and door fan through the shimmer. The construction of quiet atmosphere enjoys the life "half day idle". Two or three trees on both sides of the ramble urgently need to push the door into nature. Small objects in the niche, surprise and silence, guide the deep path.


The beautiful exterior feels like a valley, a luxury of escaping from the city, but he is in the middle of the city, and the shadows of the trees cure anxiety by concealing vision.


Jointly build the most meaningful emotional home or penetration, or open, or independent. The line of sight then continues to turn, each stay but can peek at the front of the looming scene, shuttle through the VIP channel to the top duplex SPA room, surrounded by plants in the field of dialogue with heaven and earth.


Listen to the sounds of natural growth. In the space of the stars and the moon, the existence of the individual is suddenly cleverly covered up, the fatigue of the body is eliminated instantly, and the reality and illusion are confused between the trance.



"Pine land" : often come under the pine trees, high pillow stone sleep. Pine cold does not fall, blue wide orange. Is to create an unforgettable experience for guests with a strong and delicate heart.



Mr. Lin Yan believes that space is not only the background of this story, but also an important carrier of the story. Make every final experience full of joy. We celebrate the diversity of the present, we are open to more possibilities, we have the ability to appreciate everything, we are free to enjoy the present, we keep moving, we will get there.



"JIUJING Whiskey bar" from "Ancient Elephant City in the Gulf" is about to make its debut.

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Lin Yan, senior environmental art designer, started from the design department of Guangdong Institute of Arts and crafts (majoring in environmental art design). He is the founder and artistic director of "DOUBLE GOOD DESIGN" and an outstanding representative of post-90s designers in eastern Guangdong. In 2016, the "good design" organization was founded, adhering to the goal orientation of "good design + good implementation = good results", and customizing the exclusive design most suitable for the "first user". In the past 10 years, he has created numerous "good designs", which is the " engine" of numerous party A's projects and a loyal partner. 



"Good Design"is a boutique design team with creative thinking and a humanistic atmosphere.The works cover all kinds of formats, diversified experience accumulation andexploration, and a solid theoretical and practical system, especially good atcapturing project advantages and breaking through cognitive limitations.We advocate rationalscientific design methods, pay attention to design strategies, be goodatsolving problems, and pay attention to shaping the temperament of works.Give each project adistinct personality and longevity, and cooperate with digital analysis toolsand scientific design methods to create forward-looking "DOUBLE GOOD DESIGN" .

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︱综艺︱2021年度︱《星屋大改造》艺术家Mee Wong黄薇的灵感秘境



︱金奖︱2019年度︱意大利A‘ DESIGN AWARD室内设计类








︱银奖︱2020年度︱BAU HAUS包豪斯国际设计大赛专业组







︱授予︱2020年度︱JIN TENG AWARD金腾奖年度设计时尚盛典TOP100













关于作品  /  About the work 


Project name:Ancient Elephant City in the Gulf






Design year&Completion Year:August 2020 (design launch) June 2022 (Project completion)


Leader designer &Team:LinYan & DanYi


Special adviser:Fu family


Project location:China/Guangdong Province/ShantouCity/Longhu District/38 Zhucheng Road

建筑面积GrossBuilt Area (square meters):5000M²


Partners:Casa:Soft outfit: good selection/engineering: Yaocheng Seiko


Main material: wood/marble/tile/red brick/metal mesh/straw paint/Michelin