济南融创未来壹号 模拟未来感的生活沉浸式体验


This case is located in ZhangJin area, Licheng District, Jinan. It is based on the uplift of the eastern economy. It is adjacent to Jinan Free Trade Zone, surrounded by mountains and green spaces, and the verdant landscape forms a natural barrier. The overall planning focuses on the core node of urban transportation, sitting on a multi-dimensional three-dimensional transportation network with two horizontal, two vertical, four longitude and four latitude, integrating modern residential and commercial life.


This case, combined with the hardbound “Mobius ring” space key, is inspired by the fantasy concepts such as Pandora Style and forest kingdom in the film Avatar, which are implanted into it. Taking “ecological and healthy living environment” as the emotional link, it links the functional plates such as sales, display, negotiation and rest, and creates a super future comprehensive community through three-dimensional and multi-dimensional interfaces, This echoes the rich cultural heritage of Jinan, the spring city.

▼外观 – 大门,appearance of the project – entrance gate ©麒文摄影


The soft decoration extends from the outside to the inside of the hard decoration to simulate the life immersion experience of the sense of future, and runs through the space with the device of the sense of future science and technology and the experience of mutual movement.

▼外观 – 侧门,side entrance gate ©麒文摄影

Fantasy space


In the entrance lobby, the overall hard decoration has a pure white sense of the future, geometric house type design, soft decoration is combined with columns, the ground is designed with an elf bubble forest lamp with thermal induction design, and the floating “Holy tree seed” device chandelier is designed in combination with the echo of the air and the ground. We have carried out digital design. The lamp body rises and falls rhythmically, and the Holy tree seed floats naturally like a breeze.

▼入口大堂,the entrance lobby ©麒文摄影


As you enter slowly, the bubble forest lights up gradually and the magic color changes. The seeds of the Holy tree float and swim, leading us into the dreamland of the future.

▼入口大堂细部,details of the entrance lobby ©麒文摄影

Natural symbiosis


The overall sales office creates a forest kingdom atmosphere with dense green plants. The top of the negotiation area is equipped with lush hanging green plants, and the back of the arc sofa is equipped with plant boxes. With plug-in design techniques, plants are skillfully integrated into the space, with rich scattered plants, floating trees suspended in the air and electroplated green mushrooms, Create a beautiful Pandora fantasy forest world.

▼室内总体概览,overall of the interior ©麒文摄影

▼雨林咖啡厅,Rainforest Cafe ©麒文摄影

▼茂密的绿植营造森林王国氛围,the forest kingdom atmosphere with thick green plant ©麒文摄影

▼茂盛的垂吊绿植与弧形沙发,the lush green plant and curved sofa ©麒文摄影

▼多功能洽谈区,Multi-functional negotiation area ©麒文摄影


The hard top surface epidermis is abstracted by polishing the back of the customized perforated plate. The ripple shape highlights the virtual and real image of “sunshine penetrating into the forest” by relying on nature, just like sparkling light. The soft decoration and suspended green tree interactive device intervene with bionic design method to complete the technical expression of architectural emptiness between the light and shadow mottled lush forest islands. Like hiding in the mountains and rivers, the water grain wall partition echoes the dome and improves the sense of shelter of the space: nature, architecture, technology and humanities can coexist here.

▼涟漪形态的硬装顶面,The hard top surface inripple shape ©麒文摄影

Forest kingdom & Meow fun

整体项目自主创意设计了动物IP MOMOCAT 有趣的未来感猫咪形象烘托温馨氛围。太空猫,音乐猫,散步猫,捕猎猫,偷懒猫遍布于项目的有趣角落里,另外项目内设计了猫屋空间,便于爱猫人士与猫嬉戏互动,拍照打卡,完全颠覆了以往销售中心的呆板印象。而猫屋旁边,设计了爱猫人士可以停驻的猫咪转动墙,6面体盒子,帮你认识世界上各种品种的猫咪,增加客户的停驻率与喜悦感。

The overall project independently and creatively designed the interesting future sense of animal IP momocat, and the cat image set off the warm atmosphere. Space cats, music cats, walking cats, hunting cats and lazy cats are all over the interesting corners of the project. In addition, a cat house space is designed in the project to facilitate cat lovers to play and interact with cats, take photos and punch in, completely subverting the rigid impression of the previous sales center. Next to the cat house, a cat rotating wall and a 6-sided box are designed to help you know all kinds of cats in the world and increase the parking rate and joy of customers.

▼猫咪转动墙,cat rotating wall ©麒文摄影


Smell Museum


Combined with the mirror design at the top, the wall is vertically designed with a lush and aesthetic flower wall with net red punch card, which is like the arrival of the flower god in the elf Kingdom, bringing you into the aesthetic fantasy world with the best vision and the most romantic aroma, and transforming you from vision, taste and feeling.

▼花艺体验空间,Floral experience space ©麒文摄影

▼茂盛唯美的花艺墙,the aesthetic flower wall ©麒文摄影


This case takes inspiration from the species elements of Pandora planet, extracts the historical fragments by reproducing the science fiction scene, focuses on the space philosophy of “perception, thinking and restoration”, and completes the exploration of miracles in a simulated way.

▼雨林橱窗展示区,Rainforest display window ©麒文摄影

▼细部,details ©麒文摄影

▼平面图,plans ©UNION DESIGN

项目地址:山东 济南