京城-双宅记 人与自然之间的生活与艺术


Between man and nature, utensils play a good buffer and medium role. We constantly pursue the mutual coordination of the relationship between people and things, eliminate their boundaries, and help us better enjoy life and adapt to nature. As for individuals, artifacts have become the reflection of our spirit and the bond of emotion. What they carry is the real response of our genes, will, behavior and preferences.

▼项目概览,overall of interior ©高腾云


“Forgetting things and me” is not only the realm pursued in philosophy, but also another projection of our aesthetic taste. Artifacts do not speak, but they tell stories about time, emotion and history. A pair of theater chairs, “Nanfeng” stone carvings, a chest of drawers, a Buddha statue, an ancient wooden beam shoe changing bench, and different artifacts constitute a grand “welcome ceremony” in the porch.

Artifacts do not speak, but they tell stories about time, emotion and history ©高腾云

Double house” essence


In our known social cognition, there is an irreconcilable internal contradiction between life and work. Most of them have double standards and different treatment mentality. However, Roman Roland believes that “there seems to be a harmony between work and play. If the two are skillfully combined, the art of life will appear.” We are deeply convinced of this. Based on the owner’s working style and the particularity of living, how to effectively coordinate and infinitely approach life and work, “the art of life” has become an important theme for us to explore. In this space of about 100 square meters, in addition to the free office function, it also meets the needs of living. Therefore, the original conventional layout was broken and re planned by us.

▼平面图,plan ©安之见舍

Subject intention


As for the definition of artist, Kandinsky said, “an artist must always have a deep subject intention and observe his inner spiritual inspiration, and only those who can turn artistic experience into personal mental process can be called a real artist.” Similarly, only designers or owners with “main intention” can the space have flexible vitality.

▼玄关,entrance ©高腾云


Because the personal experience of the living habits in the north is very different from the general sense of residence. Push the door and enter. The cabinet here is thickened to 60 cm, which is responsible for the function of entering the wardrobe. A bare concrete wall played the first wild movement of entering the house. The rough and “unpainted” original appearance forms a dramatic contrast with the smooth color of the overall micro cement.

▼由餐厅看玄关,viewing the entrance from the dining area ©高腾云

▼由餐桌看玄关,viewing the entrance from the dining table ©高腾云

▼由玄关看餐桌,viewing the dining table from the entrance ©高腾云


From small to large, the corridor of “talent connects people” reaches the suddenly open area, and the rhythm and mood of the journey are changing, stretching the space atmosphere of “wanting to be strong first and restraining first”. The combination of cabinets and island tables, the multi-functional long table in the center, the bar area near the window and the desk area near the window are independent and connected with each other, showing different shapes. Dinner, meeting, office and chat, as well as overlooking the outdoor mountains and forests in the north, build a real scene of life and work integrated with each other and full of interest.

▼由餐厅看厨房,viewing the kitchen from the dining area ©高腾云

▼餐厅厨房的光影,light and shadow in the kitchen-dining ©高腾云


In addition to the theme construction of space atmosphere, we also have in-depth thinking and corresponding logic for the control of light quantity. The light on the north side is weak, and the transparent gauze curtain is adopted; If the sun is severe on the west side, wooden shutters are used to achieve better shading effect. One virtual and one real, corresponding to the window level, generate subtle visual contrast in the form of face.

▼面窗的吧台区以及靠窗的书桌区,the bar area near the window and the desk area near the window ©高腾云

▼吧台书桌区细部,details of the bar area ©高腾云


Fireplace, in the Western lifestyle, is indispensable, but in the context of the East, it has a bit of mixed and matched meaning. In the winter of Beijing, the temperature is below zero, the snow is flying outside the window, the beeping bar in the fireplace makes a slight noise, the smell of charcoal is fresh and refreshing, emitting primitive and natural heat to warm people and space.

▼由客厅看餐桌,viewing the dining table from the sofa ©高腾云

▼由玄关看客厅,viewing the living room from the entrance ©高腾云


Vintage explosion-proof lamps in East Germany in the last century, wooden structures found in thrift stores, bullet boxes in medieval stores, half wall stone piers picked up downstairs, B’TWIN balance car, Western or Oriental art paintings, American retro and industrial style table lamps… Different objects show the owners’ hobbies, tastes and free temperament of collection.

▼客厅,living room ©高腾云

▼客厅壁炉与复古家具,fireplace and vintage furniture in the living room ©高腾云

Mode of residence


Through the porch, the left and right planes are divided into obvious dynamic and static zones according to the path of the actor. After the excitement, the quiet bedroom and public bathroom begin to emerge in front of us. As the end view, the independent hand washing table and mirror cabinet have the function of refraction and buffer, and make the limited space visual experience infinitely extended.

▼卧室/工作室前区域,entrance of the bedroom/studio ©高腾云

the independent hand washing table and mirror cabinet ©高腾云


The bedroom has a multi-functional function at the same time, which is convenient for the owner to edit, watch movies, relax and stay for guests in peacetime; The public bathroom has made separate dry and wet partitions. On one side of the channel, there are full cabinets containing washing machines, and on one side, there are books and other things on display. Between the opening and closing of two art glass sliding doors, it enriches the interest and dynamic sense of the space.

entrance of the bedroom/studio ©高腾云

▼卧室/工作室,the bedroom/studio ©高腾云

“Useful” tool


Residence has the attribute of highly private customization. Although with the completion of design and construction, the balance state of “home” has been continuously and continuously improved. It periodically changes the existing position or replaces and adds new objects. This unfinished growth process is closely related to the activities of the owner, and it is also an important factor for the owner to participate in and endow the space with exuberant vitality and vitality.

▼浴室前的家务区,housework/storage area in the bathroom ©高腾云

▼由洗手台看卧室,viewing the bedroom from the hand washing table ©高腾云

▼由浴室湿区看干区,viewing the dry area from the wet area ©高腾云

▼由浴室干区看卧室,viewing the bedroom from the dry area ©高腾云


Therefore, in the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu said, “if you think it’s a tool, when it’s not there, it’s used as a tool. If you dig a house, it’s used as a room, when it’s not there, it’s used as a room.” “Utensil” here is not a simple word of “utensil”, but as a carrier of life, it needs to be constantly “filled, enriched and accommodated”, so that “when it is empty” constitutes a real ideal living state of “room use”.

▼浴室,bathroom ©高腾云


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