“当我考虑功能的时候,并不是根据舒适度或实用性来看的。相反,我认为人们能够分享生活是最重要的功能。” ——Tadao Ando

“When considering the function, I am not based on the comfortability or practicality. On the contrary, that people can share their lives is of the most importance, I think.” ­——Tadao Ando

[ 打开空间 ,让阳光进来 ]
[Open the Room to Let The Sunshine in]



▼空间概览,overall view of the space ©梵榭空间摄影

When the house-owners and we together check the house in the beginning, only the southward master bedroom of the original house type has a lot of sunshine, while the second bedroom and the guest room have little lighting, and there is almost no lighting at all in the two restrooms and northward kitchen. Because the separate entrance has an entryway, and the linkage between the master room and the entryway is only the outer wall, therefore, the lighting of the guest room is influenced a lot: sunshine can only reach the entryway. Although the lighting is great in the master room, it couldn’t reach other rooms.

Therefore, we demolish the non-load-bearing wall among the rooms, furthest letting the natural light in the house. By doing so, we link all the rooms. When the light is filled in every corner, the room is enlarged.

▼分解轴测图,exploded axonometric ©山止川行设计


The entry integral wall uses the French window, including the entry door, which lightens the whole house. More space is given to the current guest room after the master room is changed into the guest room and the original windowsill is demolished. The sunshine makes different kinds of shadows on the wall and floor through shutters and gauzy curtains.

▼将飘窗空间释放给客厅,release the space of the bay window to the living room ©梵榭空间摄影

[ 自由放任,充满想象力的家 ]
[A Home Full of Freedom and Imagination]


Daddy likes playing soccer and collecting soccer shoes, while mommy likes music and coffee. They both like Dragon Ball and Wukong. The kids are enthusiasts of all kinds of toy cars. The family love to do outdoor activities to enjoy natural views. They like colours such as blue, orange, green…… “A sense of space, interactivity, library, art gallery, seaside steps, five-star hotel, large space for kids to play in, the connection of beauty and practicality, storage” etc. are some keywords given by the owners to us.

living room showing the interests of each family member ©梵榭空间摄影


Thus, we together explore the possibilities and entertainment of the room. We choose the simplest original materials and hardcovers to bring out the colourful lives. We maintain the structural beauty of the original house by baring concrete layers of walls and the beam; the cabinet behind the sofa in the guest room is made of glass bricks, sparkling in the sunshine. When placing cattail hassocks on the white cover of those glass bricks, we get the booths. The sofa can be placed at random according to feelings; the now-made cement separator has a rough beauty which is often seen in the “de-refining” materials. Salix Matsudana Koidz shows its wild vitality in the round hole of the cement……

▼从玄关一瞥室内空间,a glimpse of the interior space from the entrance ©梵榭空间摄影


Opening the entryway, there’s only one step between it and the guest room. There’s individual storage besides a big blue shoebox after entering. The kids can observe the front yard through the round hole and from the flat of that storage the kids also can see the guest room and activity area and their “transparent off-land glass house”, which is the favourite “adventure” area for them. The flat connects to the activity room, whose steps reach the entryway and can be used as a stool to change shoes; inside the steps is empty, and they can be used as handmade countertops in the activity room; the rotating screen and folded door ensure it as an independent space. The folded door that doesn’t reach the roof gives the light a way to go through the room, refreshing the air in it.

blue shoebox and folding door at the entrance ©梵榭空间摄影

▼活动室,activity room ©梵榭空间摄影

▼独立的储物间,independent storage ©梵榭空间摄影


Under the situation that the folded door opens completely, it connects the guest room, the entryway, and even the outdoors. When we are in a place, we may feel something more. We may feel more, farther and even the outer sound. Opening the door, we may feel natural light and breeze. We wish space can be explored, full of entertainment and imagination no matter who you are, kids or adults. A part of life’s fun comes from space, and the space’s influence comes from the inner feelings towards the space itself.

the guest room and the activity room are connected together when the folded door is fully open ©梵榭空间摄影

[ 可以随时分享生活的空间 ]
[A Space to Share Lives Anytime]


I don’t think that house is a box to limit us. However, it is the collection of our inner spirits, it has the really ourselves, and it is a space of freedom and limitlessness. In it, the whole family can spend a wonderful time together. Therefore, we hope spaces can connect with one another. Even in different rooms, family members can talk to each other or feel each other, making them know that the space is accessible instead of blocked.

living room without restraints ©梵榭空间摄影


The glass box between the guest room and the master room is a carefree space for kids to sleep and play. The light could get into the master room through this transparent children’s room. There’s one door to the guest room in the children’s room, ensuring interaction in the guest room. Under the children’s room, there’s a Lego wall for kids to play with. In this case, there’s no concept of room at all. We define the space by its function, without limits and rules. In the free space, the accompanying is the most cherishing time.

space for the child to play and the glass child’s room above ©梵榭空间摄影

[ 将光线、风、植物等自然引入室内 ]
[Bringing Light, Wind and Plants into Interior Naturally ]


Situated on the first floor, although there’s no specific yard, we hope the nature outside the dining hall can interact with the inner room. Therefore, we enlarge the kitchen, and the dining hall to the balcony, and open the space by using the folded door. We introduce the light, breeze and plants into the indoors by fixing a glass fan on the side to form an L landscape sash and get the double visual experience through the whole wall mirrors.

▼通往餐厅的走道,corridor toward the dining room ©梵榭空间摄影

▼与室外自然互动的餐厅,dining room having dialogue with the outdoor nature ©梵榭空间摄影


Sitting at the bar counter of the dining hall or coffee, we can feel the beauty of four seasons in a year: flowers in spring, watermelon in summer, rain-fall and maple leaves in autumn, and snowman in winter. Different seasons have different views, and every single picture is a beautiful scene of excellent lives.

▼感受四季的光景,enjoy the view of the different seasons ©梵榭空间摄影


The kitchen used to be sunless and now has sunlight. Also, there’s an individual laundry to do the housekeeping. Besides storage, there’s also equipment, including the inside of the floor cabinets. As for the outside of it, we use pegboards to do some convenient storage.

▼厨房,kitchen ©梵榭空间摄影

▼餐厅细部,details of the dining room ©梵榭空间摄影

▼家政间,laundry ©梵榭空间摄影

[ 弱化房间的概念 ,用功能定义空间 ]
[Shorten the Concept of Rooms and Define Space with Function]


The second bedroom lies between the guest room and the dining hall. The kids’ grandpa may come to stay for a few days irregularly. And at present, the second bedroom is the place where the kids’ aunt takes care of him/her. To ensure lighting and ventilation, there’s a circle of vents at the top of the room. They are open when they are not used. And you can see the guest room even sitting in the kitchen near the yard.

bedroom between the living room and the dining room ©梵榭空间摄影

vents on the top to ensure ventilation ©梵榭空间摄影


The dry area is a current-made pool to bathe the kids. Under the pool, the dirty box’s storage box which is made from acrylic matches the orange “pegboard door”, and the blue drawers and cabinets in the restroom are fashion and eye-catching.

▼客卫,guest’s bathroom ©梵榭空间摄影


We use the platform to shorten the concept of rooms. The open space of the master room is limited, while the storage of the wall is wanted, so we make a platform on the floor, which enlargers the room visually and in the meantime is a bed. At the bed end, there’s a row of cupboards to meet the needs of storage. On the upper of the cupboards, we use shutters; while on the lower, we use sliding doors in order to get things easily.

▼主卧,master’s bedroom ©梵榭空间摄影


The current-made clapboard, which is at the bed head, takes the place of the nightstand, while mosaic small bricks take the place of the bed back, meeting different functions in various forms with the saved space. The roughness and unpretentiousness, together with the lights, coincide with the cute Tetsuwan Atomu. We also use a part of the original restroom as the master bedroom bathroom, using the covered pipe to make a small platform to place scented candles, green plants, and a tiny desk lamp. A classical shower matching a warm glass droplight upsurges the atmosphere.

details of the master’s bedroom ©梵榭空间摄影

view to the bathroom and the stairs towards the child’s room from the master’s bedroom ©梵榭空间摄影

▼主卧浴室,bathroom in the master’s bedroom ©梵榭空间摄影


Home should be a place without specific styles but with lifestyles and expectations. Professor Tadao Ando once said, “The judgement standard for undertaking a project lies not in the budget or the scale, but in whether you and the customers can talk about your dreams and welcome challenges.” Luckily, the owner and we together realize our dreams.

▼平面图,plan ©山止川行设计

项目名称:睡皮的家 / 一个自由放任没有规则的家
设计团队:秦江飞 徐梦婷
项目地址:江苏 南京

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